Leadership and Attitude

When you’re running a shift both guests and staff will be looking to you for leadership and answers to their questions. Your guests aside for a moment, the attitude with which you communicate with your staff can have a huge impact on their shift, as well as their perception of you and how willing they are to work hard for you. Most importantly the attitude with which you treat your shift, your employees and your guests will define whom you are a leader. Improve your attitude and improve your leadership, here’re a couple of soundbites for you to contemplate on your next shift.

Eliminate Negative Responses

No one likes to be told “no” or “we can’t do that”, and whilst we’d always like to give customers everything they desire sometimes their demands are just too steep. However instead of just refusing their request -whatever it may be- first try and think of an alternative to offer the guest. Whilst you’ve rejected their original request you’ve also provided an alternative which you can cater for, thus making everyone in the interaction happy.

This also goes for when you’re talking with your employees. You may be discussing the requests of a guest or the requests of the employee themselves. Treat them with the same level of respect with which you expect them to treat your guests. Don’t just tell them no. Give them an explanation and, if possible, propose an alternative solution that suits both parties.

Guests and coworkers alike will appreciate, and follow, your positive, can do and helpful attitude.

Don’t Get Dragged Down

In such a high pace, high pressure environment it’s easy for a guest or a coworker to bring your mood down very quickly. Not only does this put you in a bad place but it affects all of the future interactions you have with that person; as well as with other guests and coworkers. Resist being dragged down by someone else’s negativity or bad demeanour. Instead, revert back to the old tried and true “kill them with kindness” technique. It really works! and if you don’t manage to bring them round then by keeping the kindness you’re not going to end up down beat by said person’s attitude and you won’t be passing their negativity on to others.

Find Solutions For Problems

This is a huge part of our job! However, it should not always be just us looking for the solution, and with a bit of perseverance you’ll have employees coming to you with solutions to their problems, not just the problems themselves. When you find a problem or have one brought to your attention by a member of staff, use them to explore the resolution process. Ask them what they think the answer is and how they believe it could be resolved. Empowering your employees when coming up with a solution to a problem together will have them finding more solutions when they’re faced with problems on their own.

Ultimately, disseminating a can-do, positive attitude throughout your venue during your shifts will foster positivity within your team, which will be reflected in the guests experience. Your attitude is a mirror of your leadership and your employees will follow whatever example you set them. Set them a positive example and lead from the front and you’ll find that your employees will follow suit very quickly.