World Beer Day and Beyond

With craft beer taking the drinking world by storm World Beer Day is the perfect time to discuss beer related activities that can raise the profile of your location. World Beer Day is on the second of August and is dedicated to the world’s oldest beverage. You can dedicate this day to beer in your location and run events and offers on the day, whilst also using this as an excellent opportunity to introduce any new offerings or new programs related to beer.

Mark Local Beer on Your Menu

Nowadays consumers are willing to experiment and in the craft beer world experimentation is becoming the norm when visiting a new place. If you offer a variety of craft beers in your establishment then guests will want to know which ones are from the area. Include where your beers are from on your menu and further highlight the local ones; it’s likely that sales of these beers will increase.

Beer Flights

Guests will often ask for tastings of beer before they make a final decision, these small tasting are goodwill offerings however you can turn them into a profit by offering tasting flights; this can be especially profitable if you offer large quantities of draft beer. Beer flights themselves are becoming popular options for helping customers choose between beers, and customers are willing to experiment with a flight before making this final decision. Beer flights do require investment in glassware and paddles, and these offering don’t suit all locations, make sure they’re right for you before making your purchase.

Menu Pairings

Wine is the most popular food pairing, but beer pairings are growing in popularity as people recognise the huge variety of flavours available in beer. More people are beer drinkers than wine drinkers, more people know more about beer than they do wine, and more people are more comfortable choosing a beer over a glass of wine. There are many guides and beer experts out there for you to talk to concerning beer pairings, home-brewers and brewmasters at your local brewery may also be willing to help you.

Local Brewers Talks

If you serve local beers from a local brewery World Beer Day might be the perfect day to invite them in to do a tasting and discussion about their beer, and beer in general, with your guests. If this works it could become a short series or a monthly event at your location.

World Beer Offerings

For World Beer Day you could bring in beers from around the world to showcase to your guest. Europe is the origin of most styles of beer so if variety is what you’re looking to offer European beer is what you’ll want. Although, with all the craft beer currently out there, you don’t need to go searching for and importing beer from the far-flung reaches of the world; you can find different local beers based on these styles very close to home.

World Beer Day is one you can choose to capitalize on or not, and this’ll all depend on if beer is popular at your location. if your location is based around beer then some of the above items might really boost the profile of your bar in the local area. This can only bring you more business and higher beer sales.